Monday, February 22, 2010

I wonder

I wonder if you think of me.
I wonder if your life is good.
I wonder if you know my name.
I wonder if in your mind you are annoyed.
I wonder if you sing yourself to sleep or cry.
I wonder what you think about when it seems you are staring at me.
I wonder if you know what I say.
I wonder if you know what you mean to me.
i wonder if you watch good tv.
I wonder if you know how much time is passed.
I wonder if you know what day it is.
I wonder if you know when we are there.
I wonder if you wonder where we are.
I wonder if you know God loves you
I wonder if you know He is with you.
I wonder.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Lovely Love.

I love you.
I love your voice.
I love your smile.
I love your personality.
I love your cooking.
I love your love.
I love you more and more each day.
My love never spoils.In all that you are going through I love you that much more.

I love you with all my heart. Without you I am nothing but a daughter living to bring her mother joy. I love you.

Building Blocks...

Hi Mom,
So yesterday when Shelb, Dad, and I visited you... I told you all about the Aurora basketball game, how my friend Makenna won Aurora Queen, and that Shelby was going to the dance. So last night Shelb came home around 12:30 am. from the dance. She said it was lots of fun(but has yet to give the details).Don't worry though i'm sure she will tell you all the juicy details when we visit this coming weekend.

Good news! we talked to the OT person that worked with you yesterday. She said you were taking visual ques on where to put the blocks. When she asked you "where do we see the time?" as you were figeting with her watch you pointed to the face. So that's great! you understood:) I'm so proud of you mom.

You seemed so tired though mom, your eyes were bloodshot. I hope you are getting enough sleep. Keep strong Mom, each time I see you it looks as if you gain some small small memory back.Keep doing that.

I love you,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letter from my journal

Dear Mom,
You are such a beautiful blessing to me. I hope you know what an inspiring woman and mother you are to Shelb and I. With that said I hope you had a great VAlentines day last Sunday with Dad. He sure loves you a lot. Oh and since you couldn't stop by the store to get dad a card... Shelb and I took the liberty of doing it for you. The card was really funny it had a hamster texting happy Valuntines day and on the inside it said " you try texting with no apposable thumbs" I think it made him laugh.

So week recap:
Monday.what a beautiful day. I spent most of the day doing homework and shelb went to the mall with Kari. At 6:30 I met Charissa for dinner at Jalisco Grill... we ended up closing down the place. Left at 9:10. Mom, we just had so much to talk about School, boys. you. Charissa's first semester at Jessup. It was so wonderful mom. It really started my week off on the right foot.

Tuesday.Busy. Went to school and got out at 1:45. Dad and I drove down to Rocklin to schedule my license test. March 22nd! Watch out World! we then came home and dad had a business call and I did my homework until 4:45. Went to tag. We talked about Emotional Fuel and who our mentors, friends, heroes, and mentees were. It really got me thinking.
Youth group was amazing! Didn't leave early this time(yay). Alex and I got sign ups for Ekklesia that starts next Wed. We are meeting monday to create our first lesson. I got to see beautiful Charissa again:) Not to mention CHELSEA whom I've dreamed about for two weeks..

Went home at 9 to call chelsea and catch up:) We were on the phone for an hour and a half. That was encouraging.

Wednesday: Nhs pictures in the morning.
Video at Matts for Bigger or better..Elevate.
Dad called me and said he had to drive down to see you because you were in the Er.
I was devestated. Ate dinner all alone in the mall food court and was up for hours hoping you were okay.
More to come on my feelings soon
Today. Your fine. heart rate is back to normal and the docs are just monitoring you. I love you mom, stay strong.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday: netbooks, cake, and fun!!

Our birthday on Friday the 12th deserves its own posting area:)
Mom it was probably one of the greatest days ever, thank you.

My friend Monica brought me ballons.

I aced my psych and Child Development quizes.

I got brownies from Megan:)

Dad brought us Mcdonalds: Cheeseburgers and Sweet tea<3

Went home to open our presents from you guys.
Mom I cant believe it! You outdid yourself!
New york university sweatshirt, coffee money, and netbooks!!! I love you.

The Hansens brought over chocolate cake and gift cards
Debra bought us clothes from macys... mom, you would've been impressed!!

party went well. We set up the pier thanks to dads help.. everyone had fun and it was an overall great day!! Dad's so supportive.. he just sat in the kitchen reading his book:) sweet.

Three days of complications

So sorry I havent written in a while.Life has been pretty choatic mom.

So staring on tuesday of last week:

School was so boring. we learned a new concept in pre-cal that totally confused me.
Youth gorup was unexpectedly different this week too. Leadership was good, We got our flyer fixed, changed the date, and decided not to do a video. We got a slideshow ready for the next week so Stephen can announce it... We're getting the ball moving:)

Actual Elevate was not to grand however. I just wasn't feeling it. All that day I was looking forward to seeing Charissa and Chelsea because they always make everything seem so great. They just seem to make all my troubles vanish. Neithier of them were there.

"Thats okay" I told myself. "They're just busy, nothing wrong with that"

As the night went on it seemed to affect me more than i thought it would.
The game was a repeat of last years love month.. boring. Then worship, i was excited for:) Chris and Taylor were leading but, I just didnt feel it. I was stuck in the back. Didnt get to chat with any of my friends before hand,I just wasn't feeling it. We both left.

Feeling unloved and unwanted
Kari was busy so shelb couldnt chat with her...

The rest of the week was just kind of bland.
IEP wednesday... I got exited!!!:) no more wasting our time at these pointless meetings.
Thursday: Alta meeting: I got exited!! I no longer qualify

this is all great progress because it means I'm getting better.:)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl and Sleepless in Seattle Sundays

So... I know your not a big football fan but I told you I will keep you updated on EVERYTHING that goes on while your not home. So, yesterday the Superbowl 44 was between the Colts and the Saints. The New Orlean Saints (colors gold and blue)won, the final score being 31-17. I didn't watch the game(Dad and I watched Sleepless in Seattle instead)...but I heard the Colts dominated the first couple of quarters and then the Saints came in for the win unexpectedly. This is the Saints first Superbowl win.
More interesting then the game were the commercials and half time show. Most of the new commercials were very degrating to men according to the Yahoo News:)

Sidenote: Mom, Sleepless in Seattle is the cutest movie EVER! totally teared up at the end when Jonai and Sam met Anne :) Beautiful love Stories:)

Oh... so, I know you dont like me talking about church much but, I went yesterday. The talk was so applicable.It was on maturity.

Heres the basics of what I learned mom:

Maturity isn't about...
4. academics
Its all about Attitude.. I thought this was funny because you know how dad always says Attitude is everything!

Five marks of maturity are..
1.Positivity under pressure
2.sesitive to people
3.mastered mouth(no cursing ;))
4.peacemaker not troublemakwer
5.and to be hopoeful when troubled

So, I thought this was a real great lesson for me mom... because I know there are moments lately when I've missed you a great deal, and although your fighting hard I want you to fight harder.

This has really shown me that I must mature a bit and realize that in time you will make great progress. So mom, keep fighting and I will keep trying to not be selfish and instead realize your doing your best.
Much love. Britt

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life.. another visit to see you

So I went to see you yesterday with your sister and, of course, Dad. Wow, you are doing great. You can now pick up your head, and when we left you even kissed dad back. Amazing. You continue to suprise me mom. You seem very interested in Dad's watch so were working on getting you things that will keep you interested and you can play with when were not there. Keep fighting mom.I love you.

Yesterday when we visited I told you all about 80's skate night and how I have horrible bruises on my back and elbows from falling thousands of times. My shoulders hurt so much today.

For student leadership were working on getting Alex and Mine ministry up... It's called Ekklesia and means community in greek. The group is a journaling group meant to keep our High school girls connected and united with God. I'm so excited to start this up mom. You know me I'm a social butterfly:) and a writer :) I'll keep you updated once we start on the 17th.

We are also working on preparing our Valentines Day dinner... which I will be a server at:) looks like its going to be spaghetti and dessert:) Yum!

I'll keep you updated on everything as we continue planning. Much love.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some days

Life has been so crazy. Some days I can handle it... but there are days when I miss you more than normal... today is one of those days. I love you and can't wait to visit you again. You are making so much progress. Physical and Occupational therapy tires you out I know but you are doing SO well. Speech therapists are trying their best to get you off of the trach. You're doing great and are so strong. I love you always and am so proud of you.

reflections of this week for you:
I have been so scatterbrained lately.
So much on my mind with school. and my speech. and friend issues.
Oh and of course our Birthday party :) ( I'm taking pictures of the planning parts this weekend)
Things would be a lot more calm if you were around...

On a positive note, tomorrow night is 80's skate night... I'm sure i'll fall so many times :)

Love you.

Lions speech... for when your up to hearing about it

Prompt: Universal Health Care: how will it affect us?

Introduction: Many presidents within our history such as President Truman and his idea of national health insurance as well as, President Clinton’s Health care plan in 1994, have dealt with the issue of health care and how to include a larger majority at an affordable price to both the average American and the country. Today- President Barack Obama is tackling the same issue, offering a government sponsored plan or “public option”. This option is not considered to be a traditional “universal health care system”, like the one in Canada, because it is not government subsidized and it’s given at a cost to its consumer. However, this plan IS a step in the right direction, and would give Americans the choice of going with their current private health care or choosing a plan that would be cheaper and provide the same care.

Senior Citizens

With Obama’s public option plan, older Americans would not experience much change in care.
A. Maintain their Health care system
1. Their taxes wont be raised because income is low
The total affect on senior citizens because of this plan would be neither positive nor negative in the sense that nothing changes much because of low income rates.

2. However, with the public option senior citizens would be encouraged to take up end-of life counseling, although not required.

-Medicare would provide a consultation every 5 years or more if you have a life threatening disease. In this counseling Americans would discover how to write their own will and how to plan properly, so loved ones won’t be as financial affected after their death.
- Still, according to Lori Montgomery, a staff writer for the Washington Post, “Medicare cuts contained in the health package approved by the House on Nov. 7 are likely to prove so costly to hospitals and nursing homes that they could stop taking Medicare altogether.” The reason is due to the 500 billion dollars planned to be taken out of Medicare funds in order to supply Obama with the necessary funds for implementing his national health care plans.

-Because the public option will open up more beneficiaries for all populous Medicare may experience financial issues when having to support more people.
–However, advocates of the plan suggest, national spending on medical care will increase, and out-of pocket spending then decrease, which would help stabilize the fluctuation in Medicare consumers overall.

-According to this same Washington Post writer “White House spokeswoman Linda Douglass. "He [Obama] has also made clear that no guaranteed Medicare benefits will be cut."

• Overall senior citizens would not experience much change, If anything, the government may encourage them to add benefits to their care because :
• As suggested by a Fox News report in August of 2009, "Policies that promote increased communication, such as incentives for end-of-life conversations, may be cost-effective ways to both improve care and reduce some of the rising health care expenditures”

Of course senior citizens are not the only age group that makes up our country

Middle Aged Americans
Then there are those who are roughly between 45 and 65. This plan means:
A. Increased Taxation
1. In order to allow everyone the same basic health care plan taxes are needed to jump to between 40-50%

2. This means less of your income will be able to go to other things than health care: college, home sales, and small businesses will suffer…Still, uninsured Americans have caused higher tax rates so which is the lesser of two evils? With the UHC plan the life of an employed American will not be put above the right of an uninsured American

B. Guaranteed health care for all regardless of employment status -not only will all Americans receive care but in return our high infant mortality rates will decrease

According to a study brief in November of 2009, done by the Center for Diesease Control and Prevention’s Marian F. MacDorman and T.J. Mathews, “The main cause of the United States’ high infant mortality rate when compared with Europe is the very high percentage of preterm births in the United States.” The hope is with more people having the opportunity to gain health care coverage from the “public option” they will be able to learn more about safe health practices.

A. Hospital/emergency care changes
1. With hospitals no longer having to give the uninsured medical care… competition for the best care decreases. With health care given to all middle-aged adults will find it difficult to have medical injuries covered right away
-simply put: more people with health care equals less open beds
• Overall, the middle aged Americans and those who support children will be affected the most in both positive and negative ways. They may have greater challenges paying for their college degree but will receive more steady health coverage.

III. Teenagers and college aged Americans
Transition: As a young adult, knowing how the public option will affect my future as a parent and a hopeful grandparent is important to me. However in order to become prepared for my future life circumstances I need to become aware how this change affects me now.
A. Provide full-time students with health care
• According to an article written in the American Medical News on January 9th of this year by Susan Landers “Many teens are lost to the health care system at a crucial time in their development”
• Teens are experiencing rapid growth change as well as mental health changes. The public option will provide them the necessary tools to combat these issues before they conflict with their adult futures

1. Decreases personal expenditures while in college• Health care is a necessity for college and the “public option” will reduce the fees paid by the student and give them med. insurance

• Linda Blumberg from the Urban Institute said in late October of 2009 “ The younger adults tend to be lower income so they really are buffered a great deal from the full impact”

Personal Story:
Studying the effects of President Obama’s “public option” has helped me to realize that the critics are wrong. I support our President’s health care reform.. I am a teenager who struggles with an incurable disability, Spastic Cerebral Palsy. This is a disability that affects my body movement, balance, and coordination, which are all a result of an underdeveloped part of my brain. Even as a child, I have always worried about how I would be able to support myself financially because my medical bills were very high., especially as a baby. This is a grave concern for me. In fact, because I was three months premature, if it wasn’t for my medical insurance, my bills would have been well over a million dollars before I even arrived home. If President Obama’s plan passes, I will be able to take care of my own medical exams, surgeries, and physical therapy that my future is guaranteed to entail. Needless to say I’ve constantly been concerned I may not be able to have medical insurance that was both affordable and consistent. However, with this “public option” I would be able to easily receive the medical care that is necessary for me to function in daily society. The “public option” although not a pure universal health care program, would give me the confidence that I could more easily afford health care, whether through Medicare or other avenues. But I’m not the only one affected by health care changes; we all need to think about our futures and our medical expenses. Although I do realize President Obama’s health care plan is not universal because it isn’t completely government subsidized and will not just be handed out free of charge to the American people. His option will give a larger populous access to health care benefits and will be a step in making sure that one person’s life (health) isn’t more valued over another’s. This option will be a step towards creating more equal opportunities in our country, a country that emphasizes equality as one of its greatest values.


The current proposition, though not “universal” by definition, has caused us to think, not only of our existing state of being, but of our future, and of future generations. This plan will have an everlasting affect on our fellow Americans and it is our duty to choose what is in the best interest of our people. In my eyes, Obama’s health care plan is a step in the right direction, possibly even a step toward true universal health care. All we really know for certain, in this moment in time, is that the existing system is not working so “Universal Health Care: How will it Affect Us?” we’ll never truly understand the immensity of such a question unless we boldly move toward real health care reform. For now, that may just be President Obama’s “public option.”