Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who cares about proper english's Sunday after all.

This month has been a crazy one! I've been dying to get back to this blog, but the lovely english major inside of me makes any attempt at writing at least an hour long process. This time around however, I'm not going to remember grammar or worry about tenses...I'm just going to get this thought out on paper in hopes that doing so will stop me from being so distracted.

Why is it that I am constantly worried about saying things just perfectly? I don't mind what people think about my writing, but if they don't understand the point of what or why I write, I get so frusterated!
Why is it that us humans always want to be understood?

Anyways... Mom, I just want to share some very disconnected thoughts with you today, and to bring some order to this choas I'm making it a list. Here it goes...

1. I missed you a lot this last week or so and was gladly reminded by Dad that it's probably because you loved Spring. It was one of your favorite times of the year besides your birthday and Christmas of course :) This short conversation also led me to miss your delicious lemonade that you made with extra sugar.

2. Everytime I listen to the Alive at Last soundtrack from Train, I am reminded more and more of why you loved them so much.

3. I've been having this reoccuring theme in my dream: I'm at the beach & someone braided my hair. Strange I know, but now after 3 days I really want it to happen

4. Finish time: 2:34:24. I am so proud to have your husband (am I still allowed to call him that?) as my Dad. He makes me feel so loved and supported everyday... and he proves, through his own life, that hard work pays off!
5. I have the most caring and supportive friends around me. I am so thankful for their friendship!

6. I can't wait for March 24th to come. It will mark the end of a very stressful and overwhelming last two weeks. I will be finished with exams and book proposals for a while too, I hope!

7. Whether you believe in God or not these words are true, life and circumstances train us to be better people:  "It takes GENTLENESS to be part of what God is doing in someone's life and not get in the way. It takes PATIENCE to deal with sin and weakness of those around you. It takes PERSEVERANCE to be part of change in a relationship because that change is most often a process and rarely an event. It takes FORGIVENESS to move beyond the times you have been mistreated by another. It takes FORBEARANCE to continue to love a person even when you are being provoked. It is hard to respond in KINDNESS when you are treated unkindly. It takes remarkable LOVE to serve the good of another and not be distracted by daily needs." -Paul Tripp.

Sorry for all the random thoughts! Now I must go back to focusing on homework...

Love Always and Forever
Your Daughter,