Monday, January 18, 2010


So last night was the first time I went to Sunset United [youth culture] youth group.I sure did learn a lot.

Pastor Maricela talked about how we all have a Dream. And how it is the Attitude of the Dreamer not the dream itself that determines if the dream comes true.
She said that as people of God we mus t dream for others. People who are not Christians have what she called "Dream insomnia" they do not dream the way we do.

If you believe in Jesus Christ you dream God dreams, ones that change the world and change peoples thinking...but others only dream dreams for themselves. They are selfish and believe the outcome of the dream relies only on them.

She says that if we are Christ-followers we must dream God-like dreams. If we dream to fill our church to full capacity its not big enough. If we dream our whole school would know God its not big enough. If we dream TOGETHER and if we dream for OTHERS we will witness not earthly change but godly change.

Dreamers dream things others do not, and dream them with a strong conviction that what they dream makes a difference. So who are you dreaming for?

Dreams are a gift, a treasure. What are you doing with them?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love never fails.

Written about my mom..

Time. One of the many wonders in the world that we cant control.

"Time heals all wounds"

You gave me this advice when I knew I wouldn't believe it the most. As I reflect on it however, I do believe it to be true...somewhere deep down.

Just right now I need you to understand that time isn't moving fast enough for me. A year. Basically a whole year. How am I suppose to believe that I can make it that long without her. She is my role model. She is my family. She is my mom.

I miss her.

I miss her wonderful voice and the way that it sounds so beautiful even when she is singing off pitch to a song by Journey or even Black-eyed peas.

I miss her wonderful hugs. How you just seemed so wrapped in love. How I always felt a smile build on my face when she wrapped her arms around me.

I miss her wonderful cooking. Dad's just sometimes isn't enough. Don't get me wrong its still tasty but its not the same. I miss her wonderful cornbread and how we would make cookies together during the holidays. I miss the batch of brownies that appeared on the kitchen table the afternoon of my first day of high school.

I miss her wonderful personality. I realize now, with her not being home, I never minded the spunk and straight-forwardness that was my mom. I think those days when I felt us butting heads was only because of my teenage hormones kicking in.

I know she loves me all the time.
I know that I love her all the time.

Somewhere deep down in me I do believe that she knows I'm there for her, by her bed.Somehow I do believe she knows who I am...I have to believe that.
You never realize how large the impact a person has on you until something happens and they can no longer be with you 24/7. Mom, thank you for everything you've done thus far.

I love you and I want you home. now. not later.