Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Music to my ears...

"...And in the midst of sailing ships,
 we sink our lips,into the ones we love..that have to say goodbye."

I knew there would be no way for me to sleep tonight if I didn't write this for you.

 As the three of us drove to dinner tonight, Shelb and I realized that dad had a Train CD in his car. The same CD you and Shelby had bought  when you went to their concert way back in 2007, I believe it was. Since your passing I have thought a lot about this one song in particular, "When I look to the Sky", and to my surprise when it came on both Shelb and I said, almost simultaneously, that it reminded us of you.

For me, this song reminds me of summer weeks spent cleaning the house. You always would blast this song when you cleaned the kitchen cabinets- and I remember the three of us belting it out as we all danced in our socks on the kitchen floor. 
This song reminds me of our trip up to the cottage in Capitola for a girls-only weekend... and blasting this CD as we drove up Highway 17...
This song reminds me of our crazy dance moves and your beautiful off pitch voice...
This song reminds me of our laughter...
"When I feel like there is no one, that will ever know me, there you are to show me.
When I look to the sky, something tells me your here with me, and you make everything alright..."

This song reminds me to thank you- for never leaving me, even when it feels inpossible for me to fly- you are always here and I LOVE you for that.

Love Always&Forever.
Your Daughter,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The power of written word

We found old notepads that you wrote on a while back, but I decided today that for fear of ever losing the physical pieces of paper I would take pictures of them. I did this  so that no matter what ever happened to the notepad, I could always remember what your hand writing looked like.

 my favorite, written to Shelb &I :

grocery lists:
We love you forever and always Mom.