Monday, March 3, 2014

Heart in Haiti


I will have to cancel the trip if a) I'm unable to raise the funds and b) I'm unable physically to walk to the standard I need to meet. I am confident that reason b will not deter me, after all I am your daughter, however reason a is up to others. All I can do is pray that God blesses me if this is truly what he wants. 
I was sitting in a wheelchair at church just a few weeks ago, saddened by the logistical reality that another year would go by without getting to serve in Haiti, as I have dreamed of serving the people there for two years now.  It was Missions weekend, and I walked in broken-hearted that I would have to forfeit my dreams for my physical reality. 

God had different plans. Tugging on my heart for the next 14 days after, I couldn't get the trip to Haiti out of my mind. At first I kept fighting back with: "But God, I can't even walk yet...why are you saying go now?!!" 

After intense prayer and consideration, It is now my goal, as I enter the hardest part of surgery and go to physical therapy, to be able to safely walk on Haitian soil from July 18th-26th 2014.

I promise, you Mom, to give my all in physical therapy and do what is necessary to be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for this step of faith. Now, while it is my responsibility to recover physically, my only hope is that others will come alongside and support me in prayer and donation towards this goal of $1,200. 

My heart has been in Haiti for the last two years,I only hope I have the faith and the support to make it happen this July. 
In another step of faith and uncertainty,
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