Monday, November 28, 2011

Never deny the dreams in your heart.

Today for my public speaking class we were assigned a self eulogy. I have never been this terrified for a speech ever... and I LOVE speaking. Thinking about this speech though, really brought to my attention the blessing it is to live today.

In reflection of this attitude I decided to post pictures that relate to the things I want to be able to do before I die.
          Yes Mom, they do all revolve around New York...specifically New York City.

Tonight's NYC Skyline:
 Cafe Orlin off of St. Marks Place, a small hole in the wall coffee and brunch place that is actually relatively priced!
 Christmas Boat Parade that happened at the East River on Saturday night.
 New York City skyline last night
I am totally a New Yorker at heart!
Love always and forever
Your Daughter,