Sunday, May 9, 2010

May and Mother's day

Today Shelby and I went to visit you for Mother's day. It made me remember how much of an influence you have been thus far... I love you so much Mom, and no circumstance will ever take that away:)
I hope you enjoyed the flowers your sister brought you and all the new pictures we have hung. Stay Strong!
Happy Mothers day to my comforter, best friend, and Mom!
Love always,

Monday, May 3, 2010

May flowers bring brightness into our life together

Dear Mom.
First off let me let me say Happy May! So week overview.Yesterday was a very busy day! Shelby and Dad were in Davis all day at a waterpolo tourney.They won the last game and lost the first two. By t he way, Shelb is now offically done with swim.I was at church literally all day. I left the house at 8:45 am to help Taylor Marquez set up the college booth. At nine thirty I went to three story, it's and Evangalism training that helps us bring others to God. Then at 11 I went to service. After that, I went to jessicas to hang out and at 6 i went to a concert of prayer!
Guess what mom? Our church may actually be getting a building this the concert was at that new and huge building!

Saturday, I got my hair highlighted again! Shelby had prom with Steven Dransfield her friend from French class. I have uploaded a picture on here for you to see. She looked beautiful and Dad was so proud! Last Friday my friends and I had a suprise birthday party for our friend melissa who recently moved to washington.That was fun! This week Shelby has her AP Calc and US History tests, we will be visiting you Thursday, and I have 12 hour blitz this friday! Will take soon!

Get well and stay are slowly making progress with eating! Love Britty