Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do You Know Where I Can Find A New Pair of Legs? Oh, That's on Aisle Three!

Dear Mom:
Today marks my one-year post surgical anniversary.
 This past year of recovery has been absolutely nothing like what I had hoped, but I'm wholeheartedly grateful for the people who have been standing alongside me in the gaps of expectation and reality.

 It is to those people, the people who...

Fed me my peas because I didn't have the strength

Brought me tons of things to distract myself from the Judge Judy marathons at the hospital

Made my dream come true by playing the grand piano at the hospital for me

Held my hand, or picked up the phone, while I cried in frustration with what I wasn't able to do... or with what wasn't happening at Intensive Outpatient Physical Therapy

Would visit with me for lunch or dinner

Would visit or call me every day I was in the hospital

Brought me to Physical Therapy

Took the role as both my physical therapist and a wonderful friend

Carried and transported my furniture when I moved (too much)

Came all the way from the South to spend a weekend taking care of me and going on wonderful adventures

Gave me hugs.

Brought me to church with you

Saw me through wheelchairs...scooters..walkers...more types of walkers...and now crutches

Made me smoothies with flax oil and peaches and all sort of healthy stuff I hadn't yet tried

Brought me a meal and gave me some quality conversations in the early months

Who watched me take "shots" of Siberian Pine Nut oil to get rid of my bleeding stomach ulcer (that was quite fun)

Even in recovery would want me to consult on projects because, even on pain meds, they still knew I needed productivity

Brought me to WJU to hear the choir, go to chapel, and get my cast decorated

Took me in as their friend

Texted or sent encouraging words, prayers, hugs, and love to me in ALL the ups and downs

Believe I can get to Haiti...and who rejoice with me now, as it's happening on Friday! (cue dance music)

    ....that I say this: I couldn't have made it through the last 365 days without you!

So Mom, today at therapy part of me wanted to just give up and sit down because,,,even after 365 days and a somewhat surprise surgery in-between,,, I still can't hike up my left leg or stand on my right foot. 

But then I got home and I remembered all the great memories, and the mountain high hurdles that I've overcome, and (well, maybe) still having to say that I'm recoverying, with an ING, isn't really as frustrating as I think. Why? Because recovering reminds me of all the people who have been, and I pray will continue to, be by my side in it. 

Maybe I should keep working at that hip hike-- despite wanting to buy a new pair of legs on aisle three at Target. 
Thank you God for these 365 crazy days of life. 
Love Always
Your Daughter,